Pancake House
Pancakes & Waffles

Pancakes & Waffles

Those who immediately think of children when they hear the name of this ABC restaurant are completely wrong. Their parents, grandfathers and grandmothers are also great lovers of pancakes, 'poffertjes' and waffles. What about this: choose your own fresh ingredients - sweet or savory - and enjoy your freshly prepared personal pancake. Like a topping? Syrup? Powdered sugar? Hot cherries? Whipped cream? You name it! You can also order warm waffles here. What about American pancakes? Poffertjes! Whatever you want. A dream restaurant, for anyone who loves sweet treats.

  • Next To The Indoor Play Area
  • Put Together Your Own Pancake
  • 30 Different Kinds Of Sweets
  • Fruit Buffet
  • Hot Waffle With Cherries