ABC Restaurants stands for a two to three-hour indulgence for an all-in price!
About ABC Sevenum

ABC Restaurants stands for a two to three-hour indulgence for an all-in price!

On entering the lively central square, you overlook the various restaurants with their wide variety of gastronomic choices.  A staff member will accompany you to your own table, the starting and end point of your culinary adventure. Non-alcoholic beverages are included! Would you like to order an alcoholic refreshment anyway? Drink coupons are available at our reception. Cheers!

There is something for everyone here at ABC: meat, fish, salads, sushi or sweet treats. All restaurants offer vegetarian dishes, you can recognise them by the logo on the buffet cards. Each day, we have at least 40 different Healthy Options on offer that comply with various requirements regarding fat and sugar content. This means you can always opt for delicious and healthy options, and everyone will be able to enjoy all the delicacies on offer.

Everybody can equally enjoy all the culinary delights! ABC Restaurant continues to innovate.  We are committed to finding the best and most tasty quality. The kids obviously have just as much choices as the more grown-ups among us. Our sweet-tooths really love our pick and choose pancakes, but also our Pastries & Cupcakes Bakery and our candy buffet.

Surprisingly enough though, many children also choose fresh sushi, a cup of soup or salad of their choice.Also, there are lots of playing facilities! For the little ones a convenient indoor playground and for the larger ones a super soccer cage. So, they can make space for that extra dessert ;)