ABC Restaurants

The Restaurants

Upon arrival, you can already feast your eyes. Why not first take a look around? Visit the nostalgic village square and discover the variety of delicacies: so many restaurants, each with their own character and range of specialties. With choices for everyone. Of course, we have also taken into consideration vegetarian dishes and gluten/lactose-free food. You can order vegetarian dishes at restaurant Daily Fresh Fish and notify the chief cook of Fine Italian Food about your preference for gluten/lactose-free foods.

Do you like to eat consciously? There are at least 40 dishes labelled as a Healthy Option and this means you don't have to spend time finding out the fat or sugar content. These dishes are all really tasty, healthy and well-balanced. You can recognize them by the green Healthy Options logo on the buffet cards. Some dishes change according to the seasons.

Due to stricter measures we are closed until December 18. All reservations already made up to and including this date are automatically cancelled.

We will keep you informed about new developments via our website, social media channels and the ABC Happenings. We hope to see you again soon!