At restaurant De Mexican you get an absolute holiday feeling. Mexico is immensely popular for its tasty, varied cuisine. It has influences of the ancient Aztecs, Spaniards and even a touch of
France passes by. Of course, The Mexican is not to be missed at ABC. Here you will find a grill where the most delicious steaks, burgers and spare ribs are prepared especially for you.But you can of course also order tender chicken on the spit, the renowned Mexican fire steak and spicy chorizo sausages. Here you can also indulge in wraps, nachos and tacos to your heart's content. Top it with our delicious fresh guacamole! Getting hungry already?

  • Authentic dishes
  • Famous fire steak
  • Tender spit-roasted chicken
  • Home-made guacamole
  • Taco’s, wraps, burritos and much more