Steak House


For meat lovers, the ABC Steakhouse is like an actual 'American Dream'. Seated on chairs with cowhides, you will enjoy a rough piece of meat, chosen from various types and baked on an authentic American grill. Experience amazing smell and taste sensations. That real barbecue taste, accompanied by appropriate side dishes such as baked potatoes, corn and steakhouse fries. Imagine if there were cowboys on horses rushing past? Actually... those eating will probably not miss them. You will be completely absorbed by the quality of your American meal, in a Route 66 atmosphere. The dark wooden shelves and buffalo horns on the wall give you the experience of life on a ranch.
Wait... did someone say 'Rawhide'?

  • American Grill
  • Route 66 atmosphere
  • Real Fire
  • Jacket Potato
  • Hot Corn On The Cob