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Food hallmark

Food hallmark


ABC ensures that it is constantly up to date with news from the world of nutrition. We always ensure that you can enjoy the most delicious delicacies from various restaurants. But we want more. We want our hygiene and food safety to be excellent. Sensz, an all-round, professional and independent food, hosipitality, healthcare and catering consultancy, helps us with this. Four times a year, Sensz randomly carries out inspections at ABC. They vigorously monitor hygiene and safety. ABC is very happy with their strict inspections. We are very proud to meet al conditions and bear the special hallmark. Moreover, we definitely do not want to lose this hallmark. This is something we work hard for every day.

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HURRAY hoist the flag! Because, as of Feb. 8, 2023, you will enjoy yourself as usual at ABC Restaurant Sevenum! After being closed for 3 months due to the fire at FEC Sevenum, we are eager to welcome you to our 12 restaurants under one roof.

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