Fine Italian Food
Fine Italian Food

Fine Italian Food

Italian cuisine has become established worldwide. At ABC you will discover the fresh edition of unique Italian flavors. Pizzas are prepared right next to you. Fresh dough, rolled, generously topped with fresh ingredients and herbs, and immediately baked in the brick oven. Subsequently, you're delicious pizza will emerge from the red-hot oven. Those who prefer lasagna, pasta or a special stew - larded with fresh Italian vegetables - also have plenty of choice. You can choose from almost twenty Italian classics. The restaurant mirrors the multi-colored Italian tradition. Experience the Dolce Vita feeling through irresistible Italian scents and colors, enhanced by the stone floor and enoutrage with frescoes of unforgettable Tuscan landscapes. As if you're actually in Italy - right in the middle of an opera by Verdi. 

Prefer gluten/lactose-free food? Please notify Fine Italian Food's chief cook!

  • Pasta & Lasagne
  • Homemade Pizza
  • Lots Of Vegetarian Dishes
  • Special Diet Dishes Prepared To Order