Mexico is a popular vacation destination, due amongst other things to the varied cuisine. Lots of people like Texan and Mexican dishes. Examples include tacos, enchiladas, spareribs or a tasty tender burgers and steaks. It goes without saying that ABC Velp has a real Text Mex. This authentic Lone Star State restaurant breathes real Mexican vibes with an American grill, cool chairs and feisty horns.
Build your own nacho, taco of tortilla and add your favourite stuffing, top it with Sour Cream, home-made guacamole or spice it up with jalapeños. Be surprised by the authentic Mexican stew of chilli.

  • Untamed Lone Star State atmosphere
  • American grill
  • Build your own nachos, tacos or tortillas
  • Tender steaks , spareribs & burgers 
  • Original sides such as corn on the cop or steakhouse fries.