Chinese & Wok
Chinese & Wok

Chinese & Wok

Upon arrival you will immediately be presented with an atmospheric room. And all kinds of delicious foods! You'll probably want to taste everything. There is meat, fish, prawns and chicken, all of which can be combined with a variety of fresh products. Guests choose their dishes and the ABC chefs will make a small show out of the preparation process. You can also choose the flavor of your sauce, so no unexpected surprises. Choose from more than ten sauces, ranging from mild to very spicy. Moreover, there are also twenty traditional Asian vegetables and meat dishes available. Here you will be presented with our do-it-yourself concept: choose food to your hearts content! And last but not least, experience a restaurant that to the smallest details is characterized by that typical Oriental atmosphere. Even the lighting has been carefully chosen.

  • Classic Asian Specialities
  • A Variety Of Fresh Ingredients
  • Various Meats And Fish
  • Delicious Sauces
  • Vegetarian Stir Fry