ABC Restaurants
History of the ABC Restaurants

History of the ABC Restaurants

ABC Restaurants is a solid family business continuously evolving and innovating as from day one. The first establishment in Velp went through several phases in the past twenty years, Quality improvements and more seating places being important aspects. The greatest success though proved to be franchising the present unique concept (2010). Who could have imagined that an ABC Restaurant would be the biggest restaurant in the Middle-East by the end of 2016? In the year 2018 ABC Restaurants are standing on the eve of opening a second establishment in the Netherlands. ABC Restaurant Sevenum, with no less than 3000 m2, and eleven restaurants under one roof offering seating for up to 1150 guests.

It is very difficult to say anything about “history” when in the middle of writing history. Over the next years more establishments will be opened not just in The Netherlands, but also abroad. 

ABC Restaurants, a never-ending story!

Did you know that..?
ABC was the first restaurant in the Netherlands where one had to pay up front prior to eating. (1998)