Besides all the freshly prepared and delicious dishes from our restaurants, we go the extra mile to surprise you every six weeks. We do so with the ABC Specials, additional seasonal delicacies or revamped dishes. You will recognise the Specials by the Specials logo on the buffet cards. See below which Specials we currently have.

  • Asian
    • Peking duck
    • Beef curry
    • Spicy chicken spring roll
    • Sweet and sour mushrooms
  • Bakery & Icecream
    • Amarena cherry mousse
    • Indonesian chocolate layered cake
    • Bueno cupcake
      Salted caramel ice cream
    • Toffee cookie


  • Daily Fresh Fish
    • Salmon teppanyaki
    • Crunchy crab
    • Deep fried zucchini
    • Fried baby potatoes
  • Salad Bar
    • Dried ham
    • Goat's cheese salad with pomegranate
    • Steak tartare
    • Chicken curry salad
  • Sushi Bar
    • Wasabi salmon uramaki
    • Pulled chicken uramaki
    • Carpaccio uramaki
  • Tex-Mex
    • Mexican chicken skewer
    • Chicken drumsticks from the grill
    • Sweet potato wedges
    • Marinated tomatoes from the oven
  • Vegitalian
    • Lamb T-bone  steak
    • Sweet potato gratin
    • Spinach risotto
    • Creamy bacon-onion pizza
  • Diner Fastfood
    • Sweet chili chicken burger