ABC Restaurants
House rules

House rules

Smoking and safety
Because we want the best for our guests, we have set up a separate smoking section for people who want to enjoy a (e-)cigarette between their different courses. A matter of respecting each other.
Your safety is also our concern, in the sense that our security cameras will keep watching over you and your belongings. Obviously, weapons are not allowed on the ABC premises, just like dealing in drugs. Oh, and the fact that we do not like aggressive behavior and nuisance shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. We assume such behavior is not appropriate while enjoying delicious foods and treats.
Despite our best efforts, there is always the chance of something unpleasant happening. Luckily, many of our employees are trained as emergency response officers and know exactly what to do if something bad occurs. If you notice anything that poses a potential danger, please warn one of our employees as quickly as possible. He/she will take immediate action and knows where the AED is located and how to operate it. Quick action can sometimes save lives.

Lost or found?
Indeed, ABC can be quite busy sometimes. Sometimes people forget their belongings. If you find something that is not yours, could you please bring it to one of our employees? We will store the found items for 4 weeks. If you lose something, however, we assume no liability. The best thing to do is to contact us within those 4 weeks and check whether your item is in our lost and found storage. We can all do each other a nice favor.

No four-legged friends
Unfortunately, we do not allow pets, not even on the terrace. This is partly related to hygiene and food safety regulations, which we strictly adhere to.