ABC Restaurants
About ABC Erbil

What an experience! ABC is hot, cold and tasty.

By now, you're all already aware of ABC's overall concept. You enter the room with the idea of 'I've no idea what I'm going to eat first'. You walk past delicious restaurants while watering at the mouth, while at the same time,  our restaurants' specialties questioningly stare at you. First an enticing soup? Straight to the pizza? Starting off slowly with a bowl of sushi? Everything's possible. Merely the idea of being able to eat anything your stomach desires is a sensation in itself. ABC knows this and will therefore always continue to innovate. We are constantly looking for the highest quality foods. We are aware that there are some people who do (not) want to eat specific products on principle or for health reasons. Well... at ABC this is no problem. Two or three hours of total food pampering. The most delicious snacks and drinks for one all-inclusive price. After all, ABC takes care of everything. You're simply here to enjoy our delicacies.

We also have great offerings for kids. A indoor playground (which our employees will keep a close eye on) and for the 'big' boy and girls an outdoor playground.

Upon arrival, you will be presented with a beautiful view from the central square of various restaurants with each their own gastronomy. One of our employees will assign you a seat, from where your culinary adventures begin and end.