Middle East
Middle East

Middle East

One of the finest cuisines in the world, influenced by a melting pot of cultures at the crossroads of three continents: Europe, Africa and Asia. Given that food is very much an important part of this culture, you will experience one surprise after another. 
Our chefs prepare fresh salads such as tabouleh and fattoush, in addition to excellent fish and meat dishes like kebabs, shawarma and meat skewers from the grill. Naturally, vegetarian guests are also more than welcome here thanks to many different kinds of vegetables, prepared on the grill. A real feast! Prefer bread with your dish? We have many different types of bread, freshly prepared in a traditional bread oven.
Lastly, the traditional paintings in the cozy room with high ceilings complete that Middle Eastern feel.

  • Excellent fish and meat dishes
  • A real feast!
  • Different types of bread
  • Traditional bread oven
  • Middle Eastern feel