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ABC Restaurants

Information about our birthday card

Version: 4th June 2020

On Monday 8th June 2020 we will resume sending birthday cards. 


Card validity

  • If they haven’t already done so, everyone whose birthday it is between 13th February and 15th June 2020 can make use of the ABC birthday card they have received. 
  • These cards will remain valid up to and including 12th August 2020.

If you haven’t received an ABC birthday card because we temporarily stopped sending them

  • Everyone who is subscribed to our digital birthday card will receive one from the week beginning 8th June.
  • We will resume sending birthday cards by post from 15th June. Anyone who has had a birthday between 13th February and 15th June 2020 will not receive a new card by post, but if, on arrival, you let us know that you have had a birthday in this period, we will check your registration in our system so that you can still take advantage of the card. 

Using your ABC birthday card in Velp 

  • If you want to keep your birthday card to use it in Velp, it will remain valid for two months after the re-opening. 


Don’t forget to take your ID with you when using your birthday card to prove your date of birth.